Mar 29, 2007

The Good German Hits DVD In May

DVDActive reports that Warner Bros. will release the best movie no one saw last year, The Good German, on DVD May 22. There's no word yet on special features, but I really hope they load this disc, as it would be very interesting to see all the work that went into making it look and feel like a 40s Warner Bros. picture. The sticker price is steep at $27.95, but I'm sure it will be readily available much cheaper than that from the usual discount retailers. Personally, I wish they'd stuck with the evocative theatrical poster artwork for the cover, but at least they still more or less maintain the Casablanca flavor with this watered-down version.

Hopefully more people will have the chance to check out this minor masterpiece on DVD. It never even seemed to get the wide release it deserved theatrically. If anyone had seen it, then Cate Blanchett surely would have given Helen Mirren a run for her money as Best Actress.

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