Apr 8, 2007

Bond Parody Videos

VH1's new Jack Black-produced sketch comedy show, Acceptable TV, debuted last week with a very funny segment entitled "Homeless James Bond." It's one of the better Bond spoofs I've seen, and naturally it can be viewed on YouTube. I believe it won the audience vote, so it should have returned for the second episode as well, but I missed that one. Maybe it will turn up on YouTube as well. (Speaking of YouTube, 24 fans should be sure to check out the Jack Bauer "Damn it!" reel that's making the rounds--thanks, T-Bone!)

Additionally, one of the recent 30-second bunny re-enactments featured on the Starz website did a pretty impressive take on the entire James Bond cycle, presenting some of the most famous moments done with bunnies. More notable for die-hard Bond fans, though, are the less-famous moments they take on, such as 007 cooking a quiche in A View To A Kill or the final shot of Baron Samedi from Live And Let Die. These bits show that whoever created this short really knew their Bond! (Thanks to Linda for sending me the bunny link.)

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