Apr 13, 2007

Breach On DVD In June

Universal has announced Breach on DVD for June 12. Breach tells the story of the capture of Robert Hanssen (an excellent Chris Cooper), the most damaging turncoat in the FBI's history. According to DVDActive, the disc will feature a commentary with director Billy Ray and former G-man Eric O'Neill, the actual person Ryan Phillipe plays in the movie. That should definitely be interesting! It will also include deleted and alternate scenes with optional commentary, a documentary featurette called "Breaching the Truth," and the original Dateline story about Robert Hanssen, "The Mole." Hanssen will also be examined in the peculiar featurette "Anatomy of a Character Brought to You By Volkswagon." So now DVD features have corporate sponsors? Okay, I guess, if it means we get more bonus content... Actually, this is some surprisingly generous bonus content for a movie that didn't make a big impact at the box office. Sounds like a fairly loaded DVD! Retail is $29.99, but as usual, it will be generally available for much less.

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