Apr 4, 2007

The Ultimate Supremacy

DVDActive reports that Universal will promote the newest Bourne movie, The Bourne Ultimatum, by releasing a new Bourne Identity Collection 3-disc set, comprising both previous movies (Identity and Supremacy) as well as a bonus disc including a documentary called "Who Was Robert Ludlum?" and featurettes on "The Ludlum Supremacy" and "The Ludlum Ultimatum." Perhaps they'll explain why the filmmakers eschewed everything the author actually wrote about his character? Anyway, you get all this for the low price of $22.98. And if the studio's previous predictable double-dips are any indication, I'd expect to see some movie cash in there too good toward tickets for the third film.

In other Bourne news, the trailer for Ultimatum that I mentioned the other day is now available in Quicktime here. It looks much better in higher quality! I'm definitely looking forward to this one...

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