Apr 23, 2007

James Bond Is Back... In Hurricane Gold!

The ever-vigilant Young Bond Dossier discovered the title of Charlie Higson's next James Bond novel (Young Bond, that is, if you want to get technical... but these books are real James Bond novels) on various international Amazon sites this morning. By afternoon, the site had confirmation on the title via Penguin/Puffin's official website. So, officially, Double Or Die will be followed by Hurricane Gold! (It sounds cooler if you say it the way they used to print it on the covers of the American editions of John Gardner's Bond novels... Ian Fleming's Master Spy James Bond in Hurricane Gold by Charlie Higson!) The book, arriving nearly four months earlier than expected and in hardcover, a series first for the UK, comes out in September 2007. A separate, limited edition has also been announced. Whether this will be in the same vein as the slipcased limited editions of the first two books available exclusively through the UK chain Waterstones (the third one is due around the same time as Hurricane Gold) is unknown at this time. Either way, collectors can expect a lot of Young Bond this fall!

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