Apr 5, 2007

Next Young Bond Novel Due THIS YEAR!

Another day, another link to The Young Bond Dossier who just keep the exciting scoops coming! Today's thrilling news? According to the official Young Bond website (which I find annoying and impossible to navigate, and will therefore have to take YBD's word for it), Charlie Higson's fourth Young Bond adventure, which wasn't expected until January 2008 in Great Britain, will be coming out months early in September 2007! AND... it will be published in hardcover! This is a first for the UK, where the previous books in the series have all initially appeared as paperback originals (although limited hardcover editions were later printed). So collectors rejoice! It's always preferable to have a nice hardcover first edition rather than a flimsy paperback that you have to preserve in a mylar bag. I'm guessing the paperback will still follow quickly for its January bow as scheduled, though I could be wrong about that. U.S. publication will likely lag by years, as the third book still has yet to be published here.

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