Dec 19, 2007


The results of the latest Double O Section contest are in! Congratulations to Steve Carroll, of Georgia, USA, who won CBS/Paramount's DVD set of Mission: Impossible: The Third TV Season. Steve broke down his favorite spy shows quite methodically, selecting The Avengers as his favorite "Classic-UK," and a tie between Mission: Impossible and I Spy as his favorite "Classic-US." He picked Burn Notice as his current favorite. He's got good taste, as did everyone who entered. The Avengers was far and away the clear favorite, which actually surprised me a little bit (even though it would be my own choice as well). I think I was expecting Mission: Impossible or runner-up The Man From U.N.C.L.E. to take the top spot.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and take heart! You'll have another opportunity soon. Check back for a chance to win The Wild Wild West: The Third Season, also from CBS/Paramount.

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