Nov 6, 2008

James Bond Action Figures Still Alive?

Remember those James Bond action figures that were announced from Corgi early this year, previewed at several trade shows (with fabulous photos)... and then disappeared without a trace? Action figure collectors are used to lines being delayed, but with two supposed release dates come and gone, things looked dreary for 007. And there was no official word from Corgi, furthering fans' unease. Well, last week, the ever-reliable had something to report on the matter. Apparently PopCo, the division of Corgi responsible for the figures (and the masterminds behind the fantastic line of Harry Potter figures and Golden Compass Figures) has gone under. Which is terrible. But all hope is not lost! Here's the relevant bit from's story:
Then of course there were the James Bond line Corgi showed off at the UK ToyFair this year (which we understand should still come in 2009 under Master Replicas).
Master Replicas is another company under the Corgi umbrella, so that bodes well. I really, really hope these figures still see the light of day, because they looked fantastic! And because, simply put, the world needs James Bond action figures.

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