Nov 11, 2008

New Spy DVDs Out This Week: Dr. Syn: The Scarecrow Of Romney Marsh

Well, it's not actually a spy DVD at all, but it's a DVD that's been near the top of many a spy fan's want list for a long time, nonetheless. Fans of The Prisoner and Danger Man will no doubt be clamoring (as I am) for this long-awaited Disney Treasures release of the much-demanded, oft-promised and oft-delayed DVD! Number 6 himself Patrick McGoohan stars as a former pirate turned quiet English vicar who transforms himself into a horrific vigilante outlaw dressed as a scarecrow to fight injustices perpetrated by the Crown. A Robin Hoodish figure, he fights the King's dragoons to protect the townspeople (mostly smugglers) from exorbitant taxation and impressment. This 2-disc set includes all three hour-long TV episodes of the miniseries, as well as the edited theatrical version. It's a real treat for McGoohan fans!

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