May 21, 2012

The Skyfall Trailer is Here!


This is the big one, 007! This is what Bond fans have been waiting for! The first teaser trailer for the 23rd official James Bond movie, Skyfall, has just been posted on! Feast your eyes.

Wow! That teaser has done its job. I definitely consider myself teased. I'm left craving more... but that's exactly how MGM and Sony want me to be left. I'm intrigued and excited. We don't see much, but what we do see looks great to me. I particularly love that shot of Bond on the boat in Shanghai. But also the one of him and M next to the Aston in Scotland, the silhouette with the gun against the blue background... There are lots of beauty shots here. It looks like Roger Deakins is indeed shooting a beautiful Bond movie for Sam Mendes. I like the palette. I can't wait for November 9! (Lucky Brits will see Skyfall a few weeks earlier, on October 26.)

Of course, I thought the trailer for Quantum of Solace looked great too, and that movie didn't pan out. But I still have a good feeling about this one!


Bob said...

Awesome. The rich color palette looks striking in many of the scenes. Looking forward to this one. Happy 50th anniversary!!

Liza said...

Well, it looks better than Quantum of Solace, but then again, any Bond film is better than Quantum of Solace.

Bob said...


How about a View To A Kill or Die Another Day being two of the worst.

Tanner said...

Between the two of you, you've got my bottom 3 covered. For me Quantum is the absolute worst to date (and hopefully it won't be supplanted for a long time to come!), then DAD then AVTAK. Consequently, I've seen those ones the fewest times. TWINE isn't that far behind. But then again, bad Bond is still more enjoyable to me than LOTS of other stuff, so I try not to view them as the "worst" so much as the "runners up" to my favorites... which encompass all the rest! And I still think Skyfall looks like it'll be a good one!

Delmo said...

I thought it was the trailer to the new Bourne film.

Guillaume said...

Observations from my own post about the teaset trailer:

1)I love the interrogation scene with someone who I think is a psychologist. Especially the line: "Agent"... "Provocateur". It is witty and very Flemingesque, a word play which is not a stupid one liner. The whole scene shows a Bond very close to the novels.
2)I think we will see Bond in training, in a scene similar to the one in the beginning of the novel Moonraker. And not a dumb, sci-fi virtual reality training scene like in Die Another Day (the nadir of the series) but a proper training scene in a proper, low key training environment.
3)The Bond girl shaving Bond: it is a very nice touch, with sensuality and just enough danger inuendos.
4)The images are dark, much darker than most Bond movies, but they are not gloomy. It looks lush and darkly glamourous.
5)We only see glimpses of the villain. It is the biggest quasi-absence of this teaser. Is he this shadowy figure? Or this hooded man? I am glad we have (so far) a mysterious villain. We know he is Raoul Silva played by Javier Bardem, but so far he is nothing but a shadow to us.

Tanner said...

Good observations, Guillaume. I was also encouraged by the shots that seem to indicate Bond in his downtime between missions, honing his skills. I really like that shot of him jogging in London, simply because we've never seen anything like it. That and the shot of the dreary firing range both made me think of the beginning of Fleming's Moonraker as well. And you're right: it's really nice that the firing range looks like a basement out of Callan and not a shiny VR environment out of DAD!

The interview didn't tickle me quite the way it did you, but I'll have to see it in context. I think the answers like murder/employment and agent/provocateur are a bit cute, but as you point out they do work if Bond's being a wiseass, which I assume he is. If "employment" is meant to be his real, natural first response to "murder," that doesn't quite work as well.

Delmo, are you talking about this trailer or the QOS one I mentioned? Fortunately, I don't think this one looks like Bourne at all. As a friend of mine pointed out, even cut down to brief trailer clips, most of the shots here (prior to the end montage, anyway) are longer than any from an action scene in QOS! (And, consequently, the Greengrass Bourne movies from which Forster attempted to borrow.) I can't possibly imagine Bourne in the lush environments like that boat in Shanghai. The Bourne color scheme to date has always been far more muted than these lush colors, too. So while the interview might bear a passing resemblence to the "conversation about the agent" we hear over the beginning of the newest Bourne Legacy trailer, there isn't anything else in this that looks terribly Bournish to me. I know you don't watch the Craig movies, Delmo, but if you ever happen to see QOS (which I'm not recommending), THEN you'll see Bond doing Bourne! (Poorly.) This, to me, looks like Bond doing BOND, and I hope I'm right!

Tanner said...

The trailers that this DOES remind me of, outside of Bond, are some of the Dark Knight/Dark Knight Rises trailers. Not just the soundtrack, but the stingy way it doles out plot information while still whetting your appetite with appealing imagery. That shot of Silva loping towards the burning mansion particularly reminds me of a shot of Heath Ledger's Joker, too. I'm still hoping Silva might turn out to be an alias for Blofeld! I always wanted him reintroduced along the TDK lines.