Dec 21, 2006

007 Days of Christmas Again On Spike

Once again, Spike TV continues the tradition started eons ago by TBS. They’ll be running oodles of Bond movies back-to-back (sure to be sporadically interrupted by wrestling, as always) during their "007 Days of Christmas" marathon event. They’re always on in the background throughout the festivities at my house, even though I own them all on DVD and VHS... many times over, now. It’s a blessing and a curse because as good as it is to walk into the den and catch a few minutes of blissful Bond action while you digest your turkey, some cousin always pops in during one of the more embarrassing bits of Moonraker and reaffirms their professed hatred of 007 for another year. Oh, well. Their loss!

Spike won’t be showing the ‘67 Casino Royale this year, because BBC America currently holds those cable rights and plays it all the time. They do have Never Say Never Again, however, which, being a renegade, didn’t make any of the recent DVD boxsets, and I think they’ve got most of the Brosnans now, too, which weren’t all part of the initial package when they bought it. They won’t have the ‘06 Casino Roayale any time soon (like in the next five years), though, because USA Network recently plunked down $20 million for that privilege!

UPDATE: Looks like they don't have the Brosnans anymore after all. And the movies aren't just interrupted by wrestling this year, either! Spike is continuing to air their regularly scheduled CSI repeats, so the Bonds will be unusually staggered this Christmas.

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