Dec 16, 2006

Los Angeles Bond Screenings Coming Up

The American Cinematheque will be holding a Bond tribute in January at their Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, and possibly at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood as well. There are no details yet on how many movies (or which ones) they will show, or if there will be any special speakers. Expect that information closer to the end of the month. I just hope "tribute" means there will be some movies by Bonds other than Connery. Yeah, he's the best, but Goldfinger plays like four times a year in LA theatres! How about something else??? The Cinematheque is known for showing pristine 35mm prints acquired directly from the studios, and often having directors or actors speak after their screenings. About five years ago I saw an abolutely gorgeous dye-transfer technicolor print of On Her Majesty's Secret Service, and it was the best I've ever seen that movie look, including the new DVDs. So I hope for more revelations from this upcoming series!

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