Dec 15, 2006

More U.N.C.L.E. Music On CD

Following their recent release of Lalo Schifrin's score to The Liquidator, Film Score Monthly is staying in the spy game by releasing a compilation of music from the Man From U.N.C.L.E. movies (1965-68). Titled "The Spy With My Face," the collection will feature music from that movie as well as To Trap A Spy, One Spy Too Many, One of Our Spies Is Missing, The Spy In the Green Hat, The Karate Killers, The Helicoper Spies and How To Steal the World. While all of these "feature movies" are really just two episodes of the series edited together for European markets, some of them featured original score music by such composers as Jerry Goldsmith, Lalo Schifrin, Gerald Fried, Nelson Riddle and others. It is this music that the compilation will focus on. It will also contain some of the original series music from the movies, but will not heavily duplicate what's already been released on FSM's previous four volumes of music from the series. You can hear clips from the new CD here.

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