Sep 7, 2009

Tom Petty's Version Of "Goldfinger" Sees Official Release

According to an official announcement on, the new Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Live Anthology, a four-disc set (or five-disc in a deluxe configuration) will include a number of covers the band has performed live over the years, including their legendary late nineties rendition of the theme song from Goldfinger! I believe this comes from the Heartbreakers' multi-week stint at the Filmore in San Francisco. As a huge Petty fan, I remember reading about this in setlists at the time and being blown away by the notion of their rendition of the classic Bond song. It's circulated as a bootleg over the years, but this will be its first official release. Sadly, I think it's an instrumental. Not that a surf-rock instrumental version by one of the tightest rock'n'roll bands in the world is a bad thing, but it would have been cool to hear Petty's vocal take. Either way, I eagerly await this release. It has to be one of the most unexpected Bond song covers out there!


Rebecca said...

Have you ever heard "Bond on Bond"? There's a quartet of models who play electric strings, and their group happens to be named Bond, so of course they covered the Bond song.

Tanner said...

Yeah, I've got that in my Bond covers playlist on my iPod. :) They also did a kind of cool spyish song on the soundtrack to Johnny English. Bond the Group seems like something I ought not to like, but based on those two tracks I've actually got nothing against them!

poker rakeback said...

I wish it wasnt just instrumental. I am a huge Tom Petty fan and always look forward to new material by him.