Sep 24, 2009

Tradecraft: Sleepers, Superspies And Deep Cover Operatives

Variety reports that CBS Films has acquired Sleeper Spy, "a fast-paced thriller script" by Anthony Jaswinski. Jeff Wadlow (Never Back Down) will direct. The only plot detail the trade provides is that "the thriller centers around the plot to assassinate a political figure." From the title, though, I'm guessing it also involves a sleeper spy. Maybe? Arnold and Anne Kopelson will produce.

According to Variety, Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood) has joined the Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz spy movie that was at one time called Wichita and still doesn't have a better title. (I really hope they don't just go back to Wichita out of laziness since that's all anyone calls it!) Dano will play the "charming but mysterious" inventor of the film's previously-revealed MacGuffin, a battery that holds the key to an infinite power source. I'm very curious about this film. It's starting to sound like a really fun, old-school Eurospy-style spy movie. And with Bond having gone so gritty (for better or for worse), there really aren't a lot of those around these days!

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Syriana writer/director Stephen Gaghan has penned a new spy thriller. The vague and somewhat confusing logline reported in the trade is that the film centers on "an elite deep cover operative who becomes a Brooklyn beat cop and fights a global organization." Gaghan will direct; Shannon Burke co-wrote the screenplay. Lionsgate will distribute.

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