Mar 30, 2010

A Better Look At The Spies Of Iron Man 2

Aintitcool has an Iron Man 2 TV spot that aired on the Kids Choice Awards and gives us more of a glimpse at the two Marvel Universe superspies who appear in the film: Black Widow and Nick Fury.  Scarlet Johanssen notably doesn't seem to speak with a Russian accent, as one would expect of Natasha Romanoff.  She sure looks sexy, though, as she does on the film's brand new (and utterly horrendous) one-sheet, which gives her Photoshop-enhanced curves to better approximate the comic book character.  (That S.H.I.E.L.D. catsuit makes me think of Uma Thurman in the Avengers movie.)  Samuel L. Jackson?  Well, he looks like Samuel L. Jackson in an eyepatch.  In other words, he looks like he just stepped out of the pages of a Marvel Ultimate comic book.  Personally, I'd greatly prefer seeing Steranko's version of Fury standing there in his blue and white S.H.I.E.L.D. jumpsuit, but what can you do?  You can't argue with Jackson's coolness. 

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Delmo said...

Wow-could that poster suck more?