Mar 19, 2010

Charlie Higson's US Book Tour Dates Announced

The Young Bond Dossier has the first confirmed dates for Young Bond author Charlie Higson's first American book tour since 2006 when Blood Fever came out.  He'll be in the US this May, promoting the imminent American releases of By Royal CommandSilverFin: The Graphic Novel and his non-Bond young adult novel, The Enemy (not to be confused with the Lee Child novel or the Roger Moore movie!).  So far the tour includes stops in New York, Washington D.C. (at the International Spy Museum), Minnesota, Illinois and Missouri.  Personally, I'm bummed because there are no West Coast dates announced yet, and apparently Higson won't be making an appearance in California this time.  But if he comes through your state, definitely make a point of heading out to meet him!  There aren't many opportunities to get James Bond novels of any sort signed these days, what with Sebastian Faulks being purposefully stingy with his autograph and Samantha Weinberg's The Moneypenny Diaries being woefully underpromoted.  And if you're one of the few Bond fans who still digs in his or her feet and declares, "that's kid's stuff," I'll attempt one last entreaty to get you to pick up one of Higson's excellent books.  (Try Blood Fever for starters.)  Like The Moneypenny Diaries, they're infinitely superior to Faulks' straightforward Bond novel!

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