Mar 23, 2010

Upcoming Spy DVDs: Rain Fall

Ever since shooting was announced way back in early 2008, fans of Barry Eisler's novels have been eagerly awaiting a U.S. theatrical release date for the Japanese film adaptation of the Tokyo-set first novel in the author's spy series featuring assassin John Rain.  Sadly, it looks like Rain Fall won't be getting a theatrical release here, but will instead debut on DVD.  The good news is, that release is right around the corner!  According to DVD Active, Lionsgate Home Entertainment will release Rain Fall on May 25.  The movie (which was originally intended to be 85% in Japanese and 15% in English, but I have no idea if they stuck to that plan or not) stars Kippei Shiina as the titular Japanese-American former Special Forces operative turned killer-for-hire and Gary Oldman as a the CIA's shady Tokyo Station Chief.  According to the plot description on the DVD, when the CIA targets a woman Rain loves, his world starts to fall apart.  The only announced extra on the disc is cast and crew interviews. Retail is $26.98, though you can pre-order Rain Fall for cheaper on Amazon.

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