Mar 24, 2010

More New Spy DVDs Out This Week: The Clouded Yellow

Here's another new spy release that I missed in my post yesterday, this one in the UK.  Newly available from Eureka Entertainment comes a Region 2 PAL release of The Clouded Yellow (1950), an early spy thriller from the producing/directing team of Betty Box and Ralf Thomas, who would go on to make such classics of the genre as Deadlier Than the MaleThe High Commissioner, Hot Enough For June, Some Girls Do and the 1959 version of The 39 Steps.  That last one is particularly apt, because The Clouded Yellow (which I haven't seen) is said to be very much in the tradition of Hitchcock's version of that thriller.  According to the product copy, "When ex-spy David Somers (Trevor Howard) takes a low-profile job in the country cataloguing a butterfly collection, he finds that dangerous work continues to pursue him."  Jean Simmons co-stars as the young woman forced to go on the run with Somers when the action heats up.  This new DVD release marks the first time that The Clouded Yellow has ever been available completely uncut on home video.  The Clouded Yellow retails for £15.99, but can currently be had for just £9.99 at


Delmo said...

I hate to point this out but Bill Maxwell was not one of Culp's non-spy roles. Maxwell was an FBI agent, remember?

I met Culp at a Chiller Con. Got his autograph but not a photo. I regret that now.

dfordoom said...

The Clouded Yellow is a terrific little thriller!

Tanner said...

Cool! I hope to check it out one day on this new DVD. Thanks for the encouragement, dfordoom!

Delmo, I've never seen Greatest American Hero, and didn't have time to do much checking while trying to get that obituary up in a timely manner. Thanks for the correction. I'll have to check the show out one day!