Jun 9, 2015

First Trailers for Cold War Spy Show Deutschland 83

Sundance Channel has started aggressively advertising for Deutschland 83, their Cold War miniseries event that will mark the first ever German-language program broadcast on American television that we first heard about in February. Set (naturally) in Germany in 1983, Deutschland 83 is a teen coming of age story mixed with an espionage drama unfolding against an ever-escalating Cold War as East and West came the closest to WWIII since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Filled with period-appropriate pop music, it should make an excellent counterpart to The Americans. It looks sort of like that show re-imagined for MTV Europe. Watch a cool teaser with no footage and a more traditional trailer on the Sundance website, or check out a tongue-in-cheek, narration-heavy trailer full of tradecraft below:

This looks pretty great! Deutschland 83 premieres next week, June 17, at 11/10c on Sundance.


Silent Hunter said...

Trailer is geo-blocked. This may get a UK airing as its produced by Sky Deutschland, who have recently been acquired by Sky UK.

Tanner said...

Oh, that's too bad. Is there a global version on YouTube? I posted the one put up by Sundance, and American network. Perhaps there's a Sky Deutschland one on YouTube. I would think it would air in the UK somewhere. British television seems more open to shows in other languages than American television in general.