Aug 11, 2009

Tradecraft: Ed Helms Signs Up For Spy Comedy

Variety reports that Ed Helms, who plays Andy Bernard on the American version of The Office and became a movie star this summer thanks to his role in The Hangover, has signed up for spy duty. Universal Pictures has acquired the spec Central Intelligence by Ike Barinholtz and Dave Stassen as a star vehicle for Helms. According to the trade, the story centers on "an accountant who's thrown into the world of international espionage after reconnecting with an old friend through Facebook." Sounds promising. All the male Office stars are spying these days! Steve Carell had Get Smart, Ed Helms has Central Intelligence... Rainn Wilson needs to get himself attached to a spy movie pronto!

1 comment:

Delmo said...

Rainn Wilson? After that bomb he was in last year they won't let him near top billing. He'll be lucky if he gets cast in supporting roles in the future.