Aug 1, 2009

Spy Bargains: Big DVD Sales Ending This Weekend On Both Sides Of The Atlantic

I normally post heads-up whenever DeepDiscount does their semi-annual DVD sales, but this one came a month late and I was already in preparation for Comic-Con... and in all the chaos, I forgot. (And how I wish the sale didn't overlap with Comic-Con, my two biggest spending occasions of the year!) So instead of two weeks' notice, you've got two days to save big on great spy titles. Instead of the normal 20% off, though, this one's 25% off of DeepDiscount's typically already low prices (using coupon codes like "JULY9"). It's a great opportunity to pick up those spy titles you've been meaning to get but holding off on! For example, you can pick up some of Code Red's recent RareFlix Eurospy titles: get their amazing transfer of Lightning Bolt on the RareFlix Triple Feature Vol. 4 or the previously impossible-to-see Killer Likes Candy on the RareFlix Triple Feature Vol. 2 (plus a few bonus movies in the mix in each case) for just $10.12 apiece instead of the retail list price of $19.95! Get Acorn's essential Callan: Set 1 (review here) for just $25.30 (rather than fifty bucks), or Koch Vision's awesome release of The Baron for $34 instead of $60. Pick up recent releases like The 10th Victim, Burn Notice: Season 2, Leverage: The 1st Season or Dollhouse at appalling discounts! Does the completist in you demand having Steve Martin's The Pink Panther 2 (review here), but the purist in you rebel at paying an exorbitant $30 for it? Then pick it up now for a much more reasonable $14.90. Then add Our Man In Havana to your cart for a mere $11.01 to cleanse your soul.

Pick up individual seasons of Get Smart for between $14 and $15 a pop, of I Spy for the ridiculously low price of $10.04 a season, or of Mission: Impossible for as low as twenty bucks. Or get that box set you've been putting off because of the high price tag. The Wild Wild West - The Complete Series, for example (which also includes the two TV reunion movies available nowhere else, remember!) can be had for just $43.79 instead of the MSRP of $99.95. Get Fox/MGM's Alfred Hitchcock: Premium Collection (another absolute essential featuring Hitch's spy masterpiece Notorious among other classics) for $46.04 instead of $119.95. I'm no mathemagician, but I'm pretty sure that's like 2000% savings. The Man From UNCLE: The Complete Series is a steal at $121.39 as opposed to $199.95! Or, for UNCLE on the cheap, take home the recently-issued Return of the Man From UNCLE (review here) for just $10.16. Or have that awesome A&E spy sampler, The Cult Spy Collection,(including sets of The Persuaders!, The Champions, The Protectors and The Prisoner) for just $46.48 (as opposed to $99.95). Four different shows in one for just $46.48!!! You can't beat that!

There are a number of coupon codes that work to get your 25% off, which enables you to make multiple purchases. Start off with DVDTALK, JULY9 or SUPERSALE, then pick some off the list at DVD Talk Forums. And remember, the sale ends tomorrow, August 2. Most likely that means midnight Central Time, but it's not an exact science, so I'm going to try to place my own orders early in the day.

Meanwhile, for our English readers–or Americans with multi-region players who like to save money importing Network's amazing spy titles from the UK–there's another big sale going on. Network are offering a whopping 45% off of orders totalling more than £100 with the redemption code HIGHROLLER for UK customers or BIGSPENDER for those outside the UK. It's a great deal for UK residents, but not so good for those of us overseas, because there's a hell of a catch. Quoting from Network's email: "Non-UK orders will be subject to a one-off £40 surcharge irrespective of order size or value. Sorry but that's out of our hands." There's no other information, so I suspect it must be some sort of government tariff. And if so, that sucks! I really hope it doesn't come into play if they do their 40% sale again come January! But for those in the UK (or those outside who are planning on spending enough to make this worthwhile), this is a good opportunity to pick up some of the company's fantastic, feature-laden editions of ITC series like The Persuaders!, The Champions, The Adventurer, Return of the Saint and others. Or some of their excellent multi-disc ITC soundtracks, like Jason King, Danger Man or The Prisoner! Beware, though, certain exemptions apply.

Both sales end at midnight (in their respective time zones) tomorrow, August 2.

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Jason Whiton said...

I always look forward to the DeepDiscount sale, too, and this year it hit during the Criterion 50% off sale at B&N- ouch. But I did follow your tips and picked up Killer Likes Candy, Lightning Bolt, the new release of my fave The 10th Victim (I want to see if the print is different), and Close Encounters on Blu-ray. Psyched! -Jason (Spy Vibe)