Aug 4, 2009

Contest Winners: The Prisoner Comic Book

Congratulations to the following six people, each of whom has won a copy of Marvel's new promotional Prisoner comic book! If your name is on the list, then look for the comic book in your mailbox sometime in the next few weeks. Thank you to everyone who entered. And if you didn't win this one, take heart: you'll have a chance at something else cool very soon! Another contest is always just around the corner at the Double O Section. (Coming up much sooner, in fact, than the time it's been between the last contest and this one!)

Number 1: Kevin Ruppenthal of Maryland

Number 2: Phil Hansen of California

Number 3: Steve Lefebvre of California

Number 4: Michael Ansbro of Arizona

Number 5: Carlos Aguirre of California

Number 6: Henry Chmielefski of Pennsylvania

Be seeing you!


Steve Lefebvre said...

Awesome, I won! But I'm not number 3... I AM A FREE MAN!

Unemployed Soap Viewer said...

WOOHOO! I'm Number 2!!!
I can't wait to take a "peak"!

Tanner said...

Congratulations, guys! Thanks for entering.