May 10, 2010

OSS 117 Week At The Double O Section

In honor of the new French spy parody OSS 117: Lost in Rio currently rolling out in select markets in the U.S., the next week or so (maybe a few days more) will be devoted to the OSS 117 series in its past (Sixties Eurospy movies) and present (faux Sixties spy parodies) incarnations.  Now, I've learned some things from my past attempts at theme weeks.  While I was very pleased with my original Costumed Adventurer Week, I fell behind and didn't get to do everything I wanted with the COBRAS crossover event, Man vs. Machine Week. I'm still embarrassed at how my last one, Alex Rider Week, self-destructed.  Too many random things started coming up in my real life, and I got seriously sidetracked.  I still fully intend to revisit Alex Rider in the future (because I have some great articles, including a very cool interview, that I never got around to publishing), but for now all I can do is learn some lessons from its failure.  This time, I have all of my reviews fully written in advance, so hopefully I'll be able to stick to schedule!  (No promises, though; after all, things can always happen.)  That will also enable me to continue with regular, non-OSS 117 updates as well throughout the week.  Furthermore, to make this particular theme week a bit more exciting, I'll be giving away prizes every day!  That's right, every single day of OSS 117 Week, one lucky reader will win the awesome U.S. one-sheet for the film pictured!  Stay tuned for details on how to enter.  So without further ado, welcome to OSS 117 Week!

Read my full introduction to the character of OSS 117 here.


daniel said...
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Delmo said...

This is what happens when I don't visit the blog for a few days.