May 26, 2010

Network Unveils A Sampling Of Saint Music

Network has made available a suite of music from the company's new Saint soundtrack, previously reported on here. This suite really provides a great example of the teriffic Edwin Astley score selections available on this wonderful set, although it doesn't reflect any of the many vocal tracks included. (A lot of these are also fantastic.)  The first two discs are almost entirely instrumental, but a handfull of tracks on the third disc and about half of the fourth are vocals from the many swinging nightclubs Simon frequents in the series. All provide wonderful flavor.  You can get some of that flavor (the instrumental variety) from this clip.  Check around 3:46 for some surprisingly (and awesomely) Bondian spy music!  The Saint: Original Soundtrack comes out on Monday and is available for purchase from Network's website.

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