May 24, 2010

Tradecraft: Brosnan Plays Another Killer

Variety reports that Pierce Brosnan will play another hitman, after earning a Golden Globe nomination for his last turn as a hired killer in his first post-Bond work film, The Matador. According to the trade, the former James Bond has signed on to play "a hitman who goes undercover as a priest to get close to his target, a gangland traitor (Billy Bob Thornton). The hitman soon discovers that playing the good guy is more dangerous than being a mob killer." Giovanni Ribisi and Brosnan's Shattered costar, Maria Bello, co-star, and Walter Hill directs.  Brosnan's Irish Dreamtime partner Beau St. Clair is among the many producers. Professional killers are nothing new to Brosnan.  Besides the washed-up assassin he portrayed in The Matador and, of course, that British spy with a license to kill, he played an IRA hitman in one of his earliest screen roles in The Long Good Friday.

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