Oct 6, 2012

A View To A Clip... From Skyfall

Among all the official videos released online today to mark Global James Bond Day, this one might be the most tantalizing, because it offers us 30 seconds of continuous footage from an action scene in Skyfall! It can be tough to judge action scenes from trailers, since they're all cut up. (For instance, who would have guessed from the excellent Quantum of Solace trailers that the action scenes would be even more cut up in the movie itself?) 30 seconds might not be much, but it's the best chunk of footage we've yet laid eyes on to judge how Sam Mendes handles action... and I like what I see! It's also our first definitive chance to hear new composer Thomas Newman's take on 007, and, again, I like what I hear! (It's kind of hard to judge because it relies heavily on the Bond Theme, but I'm happy to know that he does use the Bond Theme in action, as historically not all 007 composers have!) This clip comes from the pre-credits sequence, so it doesn't contain any plot spoilers, and the major stunt is one we've already seen in the trailers, so I deem it pretty safe for all but the most squeamish about spoilers.

1 comment:

Simes said...

Looks good, doesn't it?

However, it isn't really possible to say what the film is like based on this clip.

Same regarding the music - it's great that we have the Bond theme blaring out when Bond goes into action; its usage has fallen out of favour of late but that's due I suppose to the 'architecture' of the previous two films.

I know Mendes likes to work with Thomas Newman, but I hope Newman brings at least some of his own individuality to the score. Otherwise he might just as well have stayed with David Arnold.

Because that clip - admittedly very brief - sounds stylistically like many other action scores of the current time. If it wasn't for the Bond theme, it could have been written by anybody and used in pretty much any current action film.

Ah well. Not enough to go on, really.