Oct 3, 2012

Previously Unavailable Bond Blu-rays Now Available Individually at Target

When the Bond 50 Blu-ray set was first announced, some fans who had already purchased the 11 catalog titles previously issued on Blu-ray were concerned that the only way to get the remaining titles and comlete their collection would be to shell out $150 for the box set. I never feared that the additional titles would turn up individually within a year, but it turns out at least some of them are available even sooner... now! At least The Living Daylights, Tomorrow Never Dies and A View to a Kill are currently available as individual Blu-rays exclusively in Target stores. (They don't appear to be available on the store's website.) And they're bargains! Tomorrow Never Dies and A View To A Kill feature all the same bonus content as the versions in the box set (and the previous DVD special editions), and retail for just $9.99 each. Timothy Dalton for some reason commands a premium, and The Living Daylights is $14.95. (Still cheaper than most Blu-rays.) Apparently the rest of the remaining titles will be available within a few weeks as WalMart and Best Buy exclusives. So if you're willing to run around a bit, you should be able to complete your Bond Blu-ray collection much sooner than anticipated! (Of course, you'll still be missing out on the Bond 50 bonus disc.) The one big drawback (well, other than the annoying exclusivity) is that the cover artwork won't match your previous titles.

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