Oct 3, 2012

Tradecraft: Covert Affairs, Strike Back Renewed

Deadline reports that USA has picked up its spy drama Covert Affairs for a fourth season, which is certainly good news! A few bad episodes may have snuck in this season, but it remains one of my favorite must-view spy shows. And it will for as long as they continue to shoot on location around the world! (By the way, Piper Perabo fans should be sure to check out Looper. She doesn't have much to do, but the movie is pretty amazing!)

Speaking of cable shows that shoot on location, the trade blog also reports that Strike Back has been renewed by Cinemax for a... well, they say for a third season, but of course we all know it will really be the show's fourth season, counting the far superior, original UK season starring Richard Armitage (review here). I do wish they hadn't tried to make the Cinemax series a continuation of that, and just started from scratch with a semi-remake. All that they did with their John Porter bits served only to anger fans of the original series, not placate them. That said, the Cinemax version is great for what it is, so I'm happy to see it return. Its 2013 season will shoot in South Africa and Hungary. Producers Andy Harries and Michael Casey, director Michael Bassett, and writers Simon Burke, James Dormer and Richard Zajdlic will all return, but the cable network won't reveal which cast members will be back for fear of spoiling the yet-to-air Season 2(3) finale. Remember, this is a show where anyone can die...

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