Oct 4, 2012

Listen Now to Adele's Skyfall Theme Song!

The wait is over! Global James Bond Day comes early for American fans (insert Christmas Jones joke here), since the midnight(ish) release on Adele's website was timed for 0:07 British Standard Time, which is eight hours ahead of Pacific Time. Thanks to a French radio station that jumped the gun, I've been listening to this song continuously for the past four hours... and it's really grown on me. I wish it had more of a hook; I wish it had a tad more bombast, but it's still clearly one of the good Bond songs. I'm definitely not covering my ears in disgust like Madonna made me do. "You Know My Name" is in no danger of being supplanted as my favorite title track of the past decade, but I like what I'm hearing from Adele. I can't wait to see it synced up to a Daniel Kleinman title sequence! "Skyfall" will be available to download from Amazon and iTunes as of midnight tonight.

1 comment:

Bob said...

This is a Bond title song. Simply wonderful! Now, maybe I can forget the Madonna trash.