Oct 23, 2012

Tradecraft: Luke Goss Stars in Dead Drop

Deadline reports that indie sales and distribution company Lightning Entertainment is entering the feature arena with a spy movie called Dead Drop. And, honestly, Dead Drop is such a cool title for a spy movie that I'm shocked it hasn't been used for a feature before! (It has, however, been very popular as an episode title for spy TV shows, including Alias, Nikita, The EqualizerTransporter and Connor Undercover.) According to a press release, the feature Dead Drop (which is already in post-production) stars Luke Goss (Hellboy 2, Charlie) and "tells the harrowing story of Michael (Goss), a CIA operative who is shot by his best friend, pushed out of a plane, but miraculously survives the dead-drop from 5,000 feet. Waking up to his living nightmare, Michael re-inserts himself into the dangerous Mexican smuggling ring where he was operating deep under cover to flush out his would be assassin who is also holding his girlfriend hostage." Cole Hauser (Good Will Hunting) and Nestor Carbonell (Kim Possible's Señor Senior Jr) co-star.

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