Mar 30, 2015

Tradecraft: EuropaCorp Goes Bulletproof

EuropaCorp, Luc Besson's company that nearly single-handedly reinvented the Eurospy genre with the Transporter and Taken movies, has extended its neo-Eurospy style into TV with the Transporter series. Now they're putting together another one in presumably the same vein, according to Deadline. Written by Corey Miller (CSI: Miami) and produced by Matthew Gross (Body of Proof), the assassin drama Bulletproof is being developed on spec at EuropaCorp for either cable or network television. The trade reports that "Bulletproof is about a complicated former female Marine sniper, turned assassin, who is hired to kill someone who turns out to be innocent. When she finds out the truth, she turns the tables on the person who ordered the hit." We'll assume they mean the lead's a former Marine sniper and not a former female. The latter might be more original, but the former seems more likely. And, as we know, snipers are very popular right now. EuropaCorp also produced the female assassin neo-Eurospy movie Colombiana (review here).

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