Nov 29, 2012

Read About the Astrology of James Bond

Here's an interesting look at 007 from a perspective you don't see too often. Content Engine has a lengthy look at "The Astrology of Bond—James Bond." The astrological examination of the success of the series by Seth Jaret includes evaluations of star charts for Ian Fleming, Sean Connery and George Lazenby, along with an examination of the astrological chart for the night Dr. No premiered. A forthcoming Part 2 will look at the Moore, Dalton, Brosnan and Craig eras from the same perspective. I always thought that John Pearson selected November 11 as James Bond's birthday purely because of its Armistace connection, but perhaps there was more to his thinking. According to Jaret, "James Bond is, archetypally, pure Scorpio energy."
He’s a spy, first of all, someone who’s secretive, prone to violence, highly sexual, and who wields a sarcastic wit. Quick-thinking and suave but suppressed emotionally, and sometimes as vengeful as his enemies, he’s a man of action and passion—a ruthless sort who faces down a lot of death. In fact, he causes death as part of his job. Power issues surround him, usually coming from some domineering enemy. He must continually prove himself, transcending limitations of danger and fear. Indomitable, courageous, he always wins in the end. Plus, he gets the girl—often a whole passel of them! All of these traits describe Scorpio in its pure, unadulterated state. The Bond character puts a face on one of the twelve zodiac signs as clearly as we can possibly hope for.
There's a taste. Read the rest here.

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