Nov 6, 2012

Tradecraft: Director Set for CIA/D.O.A. Thriller Expiration

Variety reports that stuntman-turned-director Ric Roman Waugh (who recently helmed The Rock's upcoming action movie Snitch) is set to direct the $50 million actioner Expiration for Emmett/Furla Films. It sounds like a spy version of the classic Edmund O'Brien film noir D.O.A., with (of course) the requisite shades of Bourne thrown in. According to the trade, Expiration "follows an ex-CIA operative-turned-assassin who fails to complete his final assignment after being poisoned. With 20 hours to live, he sets out to discover who poisoned him and settle the score before he dies." Brian Tucker (who penned the Russell Crowe/Mark Wahlberg neo-noir Broken City) wrote the script.

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