Nov 7, 2012

More Alex Rider Graphic Novels Announced

With the series officially over, there may be no more Alex Rider novels coming, but the teen spy lives on in graphic novel adaptations from Walker Books. Writer Antony Johnston tweeted a link earlier today to an article on the publishing trade site The Bookseller with the official announcement. Johnston has previously adapted Anthony Horowitz's first four young adult Rider novels, Stormbreaker (which was actually based on the movie script rather than the book), Point BlankSkeleton Key and Eagle Strike, and is now signed on to pen the next two, Scorpia and Ark Angel. While Johnston remains a constant, there is a change on the artistic front, with Emma Vieceli taking over from Kanako Damerum and Yuzuru Takasaki. Besides chronicling Horowitz's teen spy's adventures in the four-color format, Johnston should be well known to spy fans for his adult espionage graphic comics, including a run on Greg Rucka's Queen & Country Declassified, and the original graphic novel The Coldest City (review here), which was published earlier this year by Oni. Unfortunately, Alex Rider's new illustrated adventures are still some ways off. Scorpia is expected in 2014, with Ark Angel following in 2015.

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