Apr 6, 2009

Costumed Adventurer Week Wraps Up At Mister 8

The "Costumed Adventurer Week" concept that I started a month ago spiralled into much more than a week as it was picked up first by Spy Vibe, then Permission To Kill and finally by Armstrong Sabian at Mister 8. It was Armstrong's idea to perpetuate it beyond Double O Section to the rest of the COBRAS to begin with, and he's knocked the concept out of the park. While I looked at Eurospy/superhero hybrid movies, Armstrong focuses on spies in comic books. He covers some of my favorites, like Steranko's pre-Nick Fury Spyman, as well as educating us on comic book agents I'd long wanted to know more about (like T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents) or never even heard of (Werewolf)! Armstrong does it all with his usual panache, but then goes above and beyond by creating some cool graphics and even includes scans of entire issues for us to sample these fantastic spy comics of yesterday. Definitely check it out.

Catch up on all my original Costumed Adventurer Week coverage here, including reviews of Danger: Diabolik and Fantastic Argoman!

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