Apr 15, 2009

Timothy Dalton Action Figure Announced!
Also a Peter Wyngarde Figure

Toymaker Bif Bang Pow! has announced action figures of spy stars Timothy Dalton and Peter Wyngarde... for their roles in the 1980 sci-fi epic Flash Gordon. Unfortunately for Wyngarde fans, that means that the figure doesn't bare the Jason King actor's likeness. His role of Klytus wears a Dr. Doom-like metal face mask the entire time. Dalton's Prince Barin figure, however, is a fantastic representation of the star at that age. His mustache will make James Bond customization difficult, but then again there are certainly Dalton fans (Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright among them) who would prefer a mustached Dalton figure anyway. (Wright believes strongly in the power of Dalton's 'stache, and insisted he grow one for Fuzz.) I know that I can't wait to have a Timothy Dalton Prince Barin figure on my shelf! You can see more pictures (including comic book artist extraordinaire Alex Ross's designs for the Dalton Figure) on Bif Bang Pow!'s blog. Sideshow previously produced a high-quality 12-inch Dalton doll, but as far as I know this is the first Dalton action figure.

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Armstrong Sabian said...

I need to watch that movie again now that I'm an adult.

Stop him! He's a slasher...of prices!