Apr 29, 2009

New Spy Comics Out This Week: Queen & Country

Greg Rucka's Queen & Country: Definitive Edition: Volume 4 trade paperback (from Oni Press) finally showed up on the shelves of comic book stores today! (It will still take a few more weeks to hit regular bookstores and Amazon.) This volume wraps up collecting all extant Queen & Country comics; now we've got to wait patiently for Rucka to write some long-promised new ones to fill another volume! Volume 4 includes the three "Delcassified" mini-series, each of which tells the story of an early mission of one of the Q&C supporting players. The fantastic first story follows Tara Chace's hard-nosed boss Director of Operations Paul Crocker (back when he was still a field agent) on a classic, Le Carré-esque bit of late-Cold War wall-crossing intrigue. The second story follows Tom Wallace on a mission to Hong Kong on the eve of its changeover in 1997. The final one, following gay agent Nicholas Poole back when he was still with the SAS in Northern Ireland, finds Alex Rider graphic novelist Antony Johnston ably filling in for Rucka on writing duties. The volume is backed up with ample bonus material, including the usual assortment of sketches as well as lengthy interviews between Rucka and the various artists. All four volumes of this series are absolutely essential in any library of serious spy literature!

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Armstrong Sabian said...

We did our best to put lots of Q&C previews up on the new iteration of the website too, including excerpts of the novels:



And previews from the comics:


Greg's latest book in the Atticus Kodiak series also came out this week:


Tanner said...

Nice work, Armstrong! I hadn't seen the site since you overhauled it. It looks great. If only there were news on there about NEW Queen & Country projects... Give Greg a nudge, will ya? ;)