Apr 30, 2009

Nick Fury Contest At Mister 8

Tomorrow is the last day to enter a contest to win some cool Nick Fury prizes (including a SHIELD logo magnet and a sketch by the talented Mister 8 auteur himself, Armstrong Sabian) over at fellow COBRAS site Mister 8. In fact, the contest is part of Armstrong's final post in his own Costumed Adventurer week, which wraps up the theme that began right here on the Double O Section a month and a half ago in grand style by examining one of my own two favorite comic book spies, Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD. (For the record, as I'm sure regular readers can guess, the other one is Tara Chace, Agent of Queen & Country. Does that qualify me for your contest, Armstrong?) Even if you're not planning on entering the contest, I highly recommend that Fury fans check out the post. Armstrong has collected a truly awesome assortment of Nick Fury images from around the web by a wide assortment of wonderful artists. Highlights include a truly amazing piece by Francesco Francavilla (artist behind that incredible retro-style Quantum of Solace poster and the fantastic spy comic Left On Mission) that speculates what might have happened one minute on from Jim Steranko's classic surrealist cover to Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #7, a piece by animation maestro Bruce Timm, a cool what-if vision of Bruce Willis as Nick Fury by Jeff Spokes, and a mouthwateringly Bondian portrait of Fury and Black Widow by Paul Gulacy (pictured). Gulacy is one of my very favorite spy artists, who drew the best James Bond comic book to date, Dark Horse's James Bond 007: Serpent's Tooth. (See more at his own website, where you can also order his incredible art book Spies, Vixens and Masters of Kung Fu.) Shockingly, he's never illustrated a Nick Fury series, although he's done plenty of pin-ups and promotional pieces. Hopefully that will be rectified soon, as he announced a project last summer focusing on Fury's pre-spy days with the Howling Commandos.

Head over there now to ogle all the artwork and enter the contest!

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Jack Brando said...

I am a big Gulacy fan as well. Have you read S.C.I. Spy? a very cool espionage tale form outer space.
It is hard to believe he has never drawn a SHIELD story. He really is the perfect artist after Steranko to draw Nick Fury agent of shield. Check out my blog for some cool comic references and photos.