Apr 27, 2009

OSS 117: Lost In Rio Already An-nounced For Region 2 DVD And Blu-Ray

The brand new French spy parody OSS 117: Rio Ne Repond Plus (aka OSS 117: Lost in Rio for English-speaking audiences), which just opened last week in France, has already been announced for DVD and Blu-Ray release in that country this fall. Both formats hit stores on October 15, and both are available for pre-order from French Amazon. There's no information yet about content, but the French DVD for the first movie, OSS 117: Cairo Nest of Spies did include English subtitles, so hopefully even if the movie doesn't secure international distribution anytime soon (which hopefully it will), fans around the world will at least be able to import it to play in their multi-region players...

I apologize that I haven't yet been able to post my review of this film; I promise it will be up soon! But it may not be the very next post. I've got a ton of OSS 117-related content coming this week!

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