Jun 7, 2010

Christopher Nolan: Inception Is My Bond Film

Dark Horizons has some quotes from a recent interview director Christopher Nolan gave to Empire Magazine in which the director discusses the (obvious) influence of James Bond movies on his work.  Nolan says that his new film, Inception (which looks absolutely awesome!) is "absolutely my Bond film. I've been plundering ruthlessly from the Bond movies in everything I've done, forever. They're a huge influence on me." Clearly! Despite their decidedly different tones, both of Nolan's Batman films remind me of Roger Moore Bonds. (Which is fantastic!) The Dark Knight contained many overt references to 007, which you can read about here. Nolan further demonstrates his impeccable taste when he tells Empire that his favourite Bond movie is On Her Majesty's Secret Service because "it's by far the most emotional." He says he tried to achieve a similar "balance of action, scale, and romanticism and tragedy and emotion" in Inception.  The recent trailer (and its incredible music) had already caused this movie to edge out a pair of good-looking spy movies (Salt and Knight and Day) as my most anticipated movie of the summer, and this interview ups that anticipation even more!  Will Christopher Nolan (who once flirted with a Prisoner film) ever direct an actual Bond movie? I kind of doubt it, but I'd sure love to see it.  It seems a bit more likely on EON's end now that they are hiring more maverick directors, but for some reason I'm not sure Nolan would go for it.  For one thing, he's certainly busy.  And for another, he already does all the Bond stuff he wants to in his Batman movies--and, apparently, in Inception.  But I think he'd be at the top of my list of Bond dream directors, just ahead of Tom Tykwer.

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