Jun 18, 2010

Tradecraft: ABC Family Emerges From Shadows

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "ABC Family is developing a new series titled Shadows, about a secret program at Harvard designed to train a new generation of spies.... The show revolves around faculty and students involved in the spy program."  That's pretty much all the information the trade has to offer.  Spy schools are a fascinating premise, but I wonder what the tone is?  Is this going to be a realistic drama about Ivy Leaguers bound for covert careers, or is it going to be more like Alias Jr. with romantically-entangled co-eds sent on weekly missions exploding things?  Honestly, I'd be good with either one, but I'm curious.  I want to know!  The series was created by Jesse Peyronel, who will executive produce.

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Rebecca said...

I'm going to assume you don't watch much ABC Family and therefore don't know every other show they have is about romantically entangled co-eds.