Jul 17, 2009

Tradecraft: Goodman Reports To Station

Variety reports that Ben Stiller is producing a new spy sitcom pilot for Fox. According to the trade, "The Station revolves around a group of lackluster CIA operatives at a covert South American outpost, where they're charged with installing a new dictator. [Goodman] will play Ted Gannon, a gruff CIA vet and head of its Altamara Station." Justin Bartha, Whitney Cummings, Rob Huebel and Julio Oscar Mechoso round out the cast. It's about time we had another spy comedy. This sounds like a good idea, and it's got talented people behind it. Role Models director and former State man David Wain is directing.


Righty007 said...

John Goodman?

Tanner said...

Yep, John Goodman. The Hollywood Reporter adds that this is a single-camera comedy, and that the true star is Bartha (The Hangover). Goodman's role seems to be a supporting one, even though he's the biggest star attached. It sounds like The Office set in the CIA, which is a great idea (and a pitch that I'd been working on myself, so this news is also a little annoying!)