Dec 9, 2009

Tradecraft: Script Finished For Taken Sequel

In an article about Taken co-writer Robert Mark Kamen's new movie, Vengeance (a revenge thriller set up with CBS Films), Kamen tells Variety that he and Luc Besson have completed a script for the previously reported sequel to 2009's sleeper hit Taken. (Taken Again? Taken 2: Takener? The Takening?) According to the trade, the sequel "will get made based on star Liam Neeson's availability next year." Cool! The first film, featuring Neeson as a former spy who uses his "unique skill set" and general badass attitude to tear Paris apart in an effort to rescue his teenage daughter from kidnappers, was a very fun, crowd-pleasing entry in the neo-Eurospy movement of which Besson's EuropaCorp is at the forefront. Another round of Neeson out Jack Bauering Jack Bauer is definitely something to look forward to, whatever set-up Kamen and Besson have concocted!

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