Jan 30, 2007

New Sixties Spy Soundtrack CD

Film Score Monthly has just announced their latest Silver Age Classics soundtrack release. It's a compilation CD featuring two crime movies (The Last Run and Crosscurrant, both scored by Jerry Goldsmith) and one spy movie I've never heard of: The Scorpio Letters, scored by Dave Grusin. Here's what Screen Archives (FSM's store) says about it: "The Scorpio Letters (1967) was a TV movie starring Alex Cord as a secret agent uncovering a blackmail ring in London and Paris. The project was the first feature-length assignment for Dave Grusin, who provided jazzy, moody music often resembling his work for The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. The score features Grusin's gift for melody and subtlety, foreshadowing his great 'noir' scores of the 1970s." You can order the CD here.

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