Aug 8, 2008

Aston Martin's New Flagship

Uh-oh. 007's no longer driving the ultimate Aston Martin; his DBS has been dethroned. The company revealed its new flagship car in an intriguing campaign aimed at the very wealthy this week: the One-77. (I can't imagine those sevens are coincidence from a marque so identified with James Bond!) An ad running in high-end business magazines touts the website When you go there, you don't even get to see pictures of the car; you have to "enquire" and enter your information. No doubt a credit check determines whether or not you're worthy of receiving information about the £1 million car! Anyway, as the site name would indicate, the Aston Martin One-77 is limited to just seventy-seven cars, and should you be lucky (and rich) enough to get one, you can have it custom made to your own specifications.

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