Aug 14, 2008

Random Intelligence Dispatches For August 14, 2008

Not So Fast, Jack Ryan

Moviehole has an update on the progress, or lack thereof, of Sam Raimi's supposed Jack Ryan reboot at Paramount. Despite the trade announcement, there's apparently still no deal in place with Raimi, whose capacity would probably be that of producer and not director anyway.

New Body Of Lies Trailer

The first one just debuted before The Dark Knight, but already there's another trailer for Ridley Scott's Body of Lies--and it looks awesome. This looks like a really great modern, post-9/11 spy thriller. It also looks like the first spy movie I can think of to really make use of those CIA drones you're always hearing about on the news. (Well, I suppose Syrianna did, but only briefly.) Watch the new Body of Lies trailer here.

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