Nov 28, 2011

BMW Product Placement in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

I was no fan of James Bond driving German cars, but I did like the print and TV ads that accompanied the marque's tenure as Bond Car. People give spy movies (and especially the Bond films) a hard time for their product placement, but it's actually an aspect of the films I enjoy. Especially when it comes to vehicles. (The best thing about the Val Kilmer Saint movie was the Volvo tie-in, with those ads that treated the C70 as if it were a Bond car, complete with a wannabe Q.) BMW is a better fit for Ethan Hunt than 007 anyway, so I welcome the return of spy-themed Beemer ads we've been treated to on TV for the last week, spotlighting the expensive electric dream car that won't even see production until 2013 (the awkwardly named Vision EfficientDynamics) and the new 6 series coupe and convertable. Here are two "Mission to Drive" spots:

You can see more (and download wallpapers) on BMW's Mission: Impossible website.

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