Nov 10, 2011

Bradley Cooper Refuses U.N.C.L.E.

Bradley Cooper Refuses U.N.C.L.E.

If TheWrap is to be believed (via Dark Horizons), then Bradley Cooper has passed on Steven Soderbergh's Sixties-set feature film remake of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. He had recently been rumored as a frontrunner for the role of Napoleon Solo, the part made famous by Robert Vaughn on the classic 1960s TV series. Contrary to some reports on the net, Cooper is not exiting the project as George Clooney did previously, as he was never officially attached; he's simply passing. Reportedly, Johnny Depp and Matt Damon have also passed. It's odd to me that so many actors are shying away from what should be a great role for a great director. I hope that's not indicative of the script. I suspect it may instead be indicative that these guys are simply not right for the part, and that they (or their agents) realize that. None of these choices scream "Napoleon Solo" to me, and I won't shed any tears over Bradley Cooper. In fact, all of these other candidates have made me a lot more supportive of the originally attached star, Clooney, who I had at first dismissed as too old! He's still got more Soloesque savoir-faire than any of these other guys. Perhaps it's time for Soderbergh to listen to the voices of fans online and arrange meetings with Jon Hamm and Micheal Fassbender (who he recently worked with in Haywire). We know both of these guys can fill a tailored Sixties suit pretty well...


Simes said...

As you suggest, none of the names scream Napoleon Solo!

Johnny Depp - definitely wrong for the part. Damon - well he's done the spy schtick with the Bourne movies (and isn't really right for the role anyway). DOn't know much about Cooper.

They'll eventually cast some big 'name' who still isn't right but they'll hope he's big box office.

Clooney might not actually be a bad choice though.

Seeing as - in my view - most movie remakes of tv shows end up stinking, I'm sort of hoping the UNCLE movie doesn't take off at all. Although if it does, at least some new interest might be ignited in the old tv series (and having viewed a few episodes of that recently, I think even the series has aged quite badly....)

Tanner said...

Yeah. I guess Damon could have probably pulled it off, but as you say, he's already got his spy. At least they're not mentioning the ubiquitous Jeremy Renner so far! I think Aaron Eckhart might be a good Solo, but he's not a marquee name, really. Chris Pine could definitely do it, but he's already attached to be the next Jack Ryan, and he might not want to double up on spy roles, either. I think Chris Hemsworth could be good, and I'm kind of surprised I haven't seen his name mentioned yet.

It depends which episode you watch. Some U.N.C.L.E. eps definitely don't hold up, as you say. But most of the first season ones hold up quite well. They feel more in tone like Danger Man. That said, you can find a few in any season - even the much (and rightfully) derided third one - that still hold water.

Elliot James said...

There's only one Napoleon Solo and only one Ilya Kuryakin and no current actors can open channel D. I hope this thing is never made.