Nov 11, 2011

First Trailer For Jason Statham's Safe

First Trailer For New Jason Statham Movie Safe

Lionsgate offers us our first glimpse at the new Jason Statham actioner Safe (not to be confused with Todd Haynes' seriously unsettling 1995 horror movie of the same name) in this trailer released today. Based on the trailer, there doesn't actually look to be much spyish about this one after all. Initial plot synopses described Statham's character as a former government operative, but the trailer makes it look like he's actually a former cop. (The other possibilities for Statham movies are former soldier and former assassin.) Still, it's a new Jason Statham action movie, and I tend to like those, so I'll post it anyway. Safe opens March 2, 2012.


Bob said...

It does look like another Jason Statham action film, which isn't always a bad thing. I'm in.

Also, based on your recommendation, we went this weekend and saw "The Killer Elite". I was pleasently surprised. Good performances by all three leads and the location shooting added to the realism. I'm a little surprised at the critic's reactions to this film. It is more and slightly different from the typical action film.

Elliot James said...

Cool NYC locations.

Tanner said...

Glad to hear you liked Killer Elite, too, Bob! Yeah, I'm surprised, too, that its reviews weren't a little better--more in line with the positive notices that Statham's The Bank Job got. Roger Ebert liked it, at least!

I agree, Elliot; the location shooting in Safe looks cool.